Missing Persons Report: Motivational Speaker, Mad Scientist, Gourmet Chef and Tea Taster No. 1



@introvert with all the material we have around here for ya gunia you choose to flog this dead horse?

From in the middle of the jungle kuharagraphy (@Meria Mata what was the term again) to attention seeking Usiku Sacco queens (@pseudonym and @latisha I want in) to blankets stuck on penis circumcision things (@Ice_Cube kuna kablanket pahali) and you decide that this cook waiganjo deserves a recap? Seriously?

My former Frying Squad boss,this is a let down. But what do you expect from Nairobi Frying...mediocrity at best.
I see your people finally bailed you out of makupa where @amun left you.
By the way your tuktuk driver alibaki na change yangu ya thao.Pewa faxe mbili hapo.