Mwanamke sumbua

Bro. You are now living life. The worst thing to do and you will regret is running away from your woman. Keep a good dialogue, talk to her well. Women are fragile. Dont let the moment pass you will forever regret.
My two pence. Go back home. Talk to her. Birthday is so cheap, don’t be too mean. It will cost you almost 15K. Chukua some loan it means a lot to her, The reason she was staying late was a way of fighting you psychologically. But rudi nyumbani.
v bad advice. 15k is too much for babies' birthday. Why do I think his story is all made up?
1. Pole sana kizee.

2. I assume that you hold a masters degree and above. Dont ever marry a woman who is more educated than you, madharau galore.

3. Sorry to say this, but you were stupid. Maybe you are now wiser. Only pay school fee for a woman who has given you at least 3 babies. The babies should be at least 10 years old.

4. Conduct a paternity test, those kids might not be yours. I was in UoN, and you dont know the shit that goes on in those hostels. Women get fucked up so bad, orgies once in a while and mate sharing is so rampant.

5. You have agreed to be used kifala hivo aje. How can a woman come to your house at 10 PM , and you are saying ati u opened the door for her. You are shaming African men. Mama watoto by 6:30 anafaa kuwa kwa nyumba.

6. Thats not even a union. Anakushow madharau na hata job hajaget, sembuse pesazikianza kumkubali? You will be crying everyday.

7. Kick the burger out and support your kids through her parents.

8. From your story, this chic is a psycho. Cut contact with her from today and start a new life. She seems to be the type that can even kill you. Run early.

9. Let this be a lesson to all men, dont take crap from women.
All nonsense ...pilot...all nonsense esp point 3. Only one I agree with is point 4. I agree partly with no 5.....nakataa hapo kwa curfew ya 6.30? eeeish kare njera?
From what I have observed, and I am a keen observer, women who behave this way after being forced into your life by a pregnancy, usually are not sure whether the pregnancy is yours or they are sure the pregnancy is not yours. Hence, they have zero respect for you, they think you are a fool. Why not? You have no connection, either through blood or children, why respect you anyway? In the rural areas, this manifest itself in form of hatred to your parents, brothers and sisters. In most cases, these are the kind of women who keep moving out and coming back. The question is, where was she until 10pm everyday? Dont waste time asking her though.

I once heard a strange story. A single mother(young woman) had vowed never to become pregnant again outside marriage, allegedly she said this to a man who was eyeing her or pretended to. A few months later, she was pregnant, by a different man. How did she defend herself? That she thought the man did not c*m inside her, so she was surprised by the pregnancy also. Asked why she thought so, she said that is what the man told her. Why then did she lie that she did not have a lover? It was the first time with the man, she said.
Agreed hapo kwa 10pm. Ndio maana naona the story is a cook out for our consumption. Tho, can't rule out that these things do not happen in real life.


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Pole, meet up with her na discuss on how you can go forward. In case she does not change discuss also with some of her and your family members so that they know her behaviour before she starts acting like a victim. Halafu usimchape tena unless anakuattack physically; ataitumia against you. Women like using the victim card. As long as you stay strong and principled you will come out on top. As King solomon in the bible said 'there is nothing new under the sun....' this has happened to someone before and will continue happening and people have survived.

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You are the man! You foot the bills. Kalisha yeye chini n lay down the rules to her! Kama haezi fuata aende kwa mama yake! Alafu apo kwa kulipa fee how did u even fucking start doing that??? Hana wazazi??? Damn

Klux Klan

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You are the man! You foot the bills. Kalisha yeye chini n lay down the rules to her! Kama haezi fuata aende kwa mama yake! Alafu apo kwa kulipa fee how did u even fucking start doing that??? Hana wazazi??? Damn
Wazazi wako,though it's another hekaya.anyway i thought we had a future so i took the risk of investing,but i was damn wrong