My fellow mlevi @Touchlyrics

Haki nimechoka....waiting on your reply kwa inbox, and writting to you the whole week. You came and told me something, I advised and waited. Now you have decided to leave me hanging...ebu njoo haraka sana and tell me kulienda aje. ISIE KATA KOO.
Go easy Tiger:). Sio Tarimbo hapa. Huyu ni beshte wangu sana lakini ameniannoy kiasi. If you see me start a thread, jua nikunoma. I have waited for a whole week by my inbox. Hope he will get this message na asiniimbie the hangover chorus.
Touch, natembeza stilleto somewhere else on this board but you shoooooooa know you owe me a feedback in private. Pls also pay back by playing me a good Wiz Khalifa song and all will be well. Am watching.