New Airtel Ke bundle

kah tony

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3Gb should be like 100 bob. The problem is we've been shafted for so long we don't even realize how Kenyan internet is so damn expensive.

Alafu, apan tambua a network that's not 4G. Some countries are already rolling out 5G!!!!!!
Some counties like Garissa should have had 8G during elections.


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Airtel is ok if your area has coverage , otherwise you'll go crazy looking signal while on the move. Really considered going back to safcon on that 4G.
Seems like airtel has not decided on upgrading or spreading out their network. Baba already gave them a boost and whatever budget they had for marketing can be pushed to infrastructure now.:D


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I use seedr kudownload torrent so what I do naenda piratebay, search for what I want, copy the the magnet link, then na paste huko, I wait imalize kuingia huko (kitu 2 Mins or less) then ntadownload from hapo
Ku download from hapo ni haraka? ama it depends on your internet speed?
Haraka sana, depending with your speed, aki hii info imeniokolea pakubwa sana, mbeleni kutorrent movie ya 900mb ilikua inanichukua siku mzima, nowadays ni 10minutes
ala? I download full HD movies in like 20 minutes using torrents unless ni zile za kitambo which still dont take whole days
Nimekua nikitafuta monthly bundle poa ndo nikaland apo airtel monthly 3gb for ksh 500.Used to be 2gb but wakaongeza.Inakaa hii internet bizz iko na compe sana,meanwhile sasa tunaeza safishwa macho bila kusumbuana na data.
This is not a new data plan. I've been subscribing to it for like 4-months now. It's been my preferred data plan so far.
I never experience conectivity issues, and I even never exhaust the 3g of data allocated in a month.


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Full hd movies za Hevc ya kitu 2gb gets done in 10 mins
Impossible. Been using this for the past few days, speed is at constant of 700KB/s highest. So thats 2000000KB/700KB that gives you 47 minutes. Lakini nilifanyia hesabu kwa dirisha so I stand to be corrected.