Ni Maombi, si Uchawi


Village Elder
Starting a business in Kenya no longer makes sense, unless you can beat KRA and the many "Authorities" requirements and costly licenses they bark, i see a bleak future in entrepreneurship. Graduates are supposed to create employment, not be employed, but if all attempts is in arresting their brains we simply cement OUR "third world" status.

Growth in Kenya will remain shunted in favor of the already established names. Those roads being made will be useless for spurring growth if they transit nothing. In fact, in future i foresee the coming generation running away from Nairobi and start up in some remote places where this nonsense is less common. Most guys are starting to realize this and are setting up hustles elsewhere.

KRA should simply encourage ample taxation, widen the tax bracket and encourage entrepreneurs to act on their dreams. This dreams are Kenyas only hope to industrialisation, not continuously making roads. Btw, that big budget i see no use for it other than increasing our debt ceiling.


Senior Villager
'peasants' should be taxed directly like PAYE.Let them feel the pinch.. after all they are the ones with the majority votes who keep on voting for thugs making our lives hard. I cannot be taxed almost a third of my salary for it to be misappropriated and given out as handouts to churches and others. Kila mtu afinywe back to their senses