Nissan patrol 2019 price



True, siwezi mind, this or the land cruiser, to survive living in kichaka environs of Nairobi. Nimechoka kuchange bushes and all every few months on these Japanese plastic cars...
Today I was checking a 2014 J150 Prado 2.7l and realized that they actually made it have standard stability and skid-control feature... that should make it stable when evading an obstacle on the highway or even negotiating a tough corner at high speeds.. I want one and think it should cost less than 5m the dealers were offering
An 8 year old Landcruiser J150 Prado would cost 5m, an 8-year old Landcruiser V8 J200 costs second hand around 7m and above. If you import the Prado yourself, 8-year old costs about Kshs. 3.8m, whereas the V8 costs around Kshs. 6.5m..

For a kenyatta, the brand new price would not be an issue. But for me, i have many ideas where i can put money. I would rather the 8yr one and invest the rest