No No No God forbid, Accident Alert: Kipkelion


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Pwegegegege I can tell you have really been waiting and really proud to say this. Mwanamke ni ule ule, ata uwe na all the accomplishments in the world, a mzee is up there with your top achievements. You cannot go against nature, sasa mtoto ndio next, congrats.
:D:D You’re so clever (and right)!
Hehehe :D. Unadhani kuolewa ni kitu rahisi?


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I have an idea hear me out guys, The government should outsource Japanese or German vehicle inspectors to do thorough inspections on all buses being built locally. I guarantee you many won't pass such an inspection where there's no room for corruption. This is exactly where the problem lies. Some buses being built locally simply can't stay on the road. Kenyan vehicle inspectors are shitty, lack relevant skills and with absolutely no morals. I remember once some guy exposing corruption of a government vehicle inspector. Imagine accepting ksh 5000 bribe when you hold such a sensitive critical job where the lives of thousands of passengers depend on your competency yet you so easily release a faulty psv vehicle onto the road for meagre bribes.

I truly believe bus builders here only concentrate on the external look of the bus and never on much complex factors like stability, weight distribution, how a single kg added onto a bus in the wrong place has a negative effect on it's overall safety etc. Bring German and Japanese vehicle inspectors jameni!
It would be easier to teach Latin
I agree culture has a role to play ,huge but what did Michuki do different to disrupt this culture ?and by the way accidents reduced by over 40% during his time .... check history
Michuki used extrajudicial measures to bring sanity. Overspeed or overload and number plates zinang'olewa, and I remember there was even a hot line for reporting errant drivers with prompt action taken


Huwes jaribu kulala kwa hio barabara.
Me huwa high on Monster Energy n other stimulants when doing Journeys between Nairobi n Busia...


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Generally, trvellers wengi hiyo side prefer these fast-driven PSVs and shun those that adhere to speed limits.
From one of the victim says they complained about the overloading and speeding but their cries fell on deaf ears.The victim said that from a hospital bed.I wish he knew what awaited him.


By the way, the bus is alleged to have had no insurance, having expired in June (no, that's not a typo).
A way out of tampering with speed governors is simple: fleet management system.
To the best of my knowledge most long distance psv have fleet management system which is accessible by NTSA.I remember sometimes back I had a request ya ku alter overspeeding data for Nairobi - Mombasa bus after it had an accident. Nilikataa Kata Kata.


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My the victimis RIP... It's sad that someone's relative perished, may God protect as especially now that the December holidays are close.