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What is the biggest age gap have you ferked?

At 20 i used to do it with a single neighbor chic who was 27, I learnt alot from Violet. At 25 I had a fling with a 42yr old.

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When i was 22 me and my boy JG were renting an apartment in the Red Light District of a city somewhere in Europe but ofcourse we didn`t realize that it was a "rough" neighborhood in the City and to be honest,we were just happy to get a good 2 Bed Apartment so easily after Weeks of looking.
Anyway; being young and restless,one day i staggered home drunk as a skunk and outside the entrance to our apartment was this Poko selling her "wares" and i guess it was a quiet night for Business juu she offered to spend the whole night with me and to do anything for £20.
I was off my face drunk and lets just say that when i came to my senses next morning; i woke up on the settee in the sitting room next to a "cucu" hooker. She told me that she was 56 and the worst thing was that she insisted on me Fucking her again- Apparently she had enjoyed my "black" cock too much the night before although i had no recollection of Shagging her -BILA ONDCOM!!!!

I remember shagging her just so that she would go but at the back of my mind i remember thinking ......This woman is older than my mom!.....
That is the day i lost all innocence.
The Nightmare of it all and something that i have never deleted from my mind is that after i Came,she took off the condom,chucked it behind the Fireplace and proceeded to Remove Her Dentures (false teeth) ,after which she gave me the best Blowjob i have ever had to Date!
I mean; i am like a Heroin addict - i am still looking for the intensity of cumming that i got from that blowjob and over time i have come to accept that i May Not live to get another blowjob from a "Kibogoyo".
True Story!

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Didn't know her age, after clearing form four. My dads elder bro appointed me as his caretaker in one of his plots claiming that I needed responsibility. (His son the former caretaker had just Joined KIST for some elecritical course for two years.) One of the lady whose form two daughter had a fling with me during the DEC holidays. Had a problem with her socket(I doubled as the handy man on matters elecrit having undergone a two days crush course from the patriarch himself) kumbe it was begining of a two year affair between an 18 year old young Man and a 35 year momo. I bonked her 26 days a month for two years with the expection of the code red days and when her daughter was around. By the way I also did her daughter in the holidays and mid term break.

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