Peek into the dark


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This is a poem fuelled by all that can be wrong.

For a minute in my mind, is all you need
And your humanity and humility you will heed
The thoughts of flight that make me yield
Ever, from them freedom I continually seek

Is life like yours not to be liked
Serenity, peace and blessings never missed

Hell at times is with our minds forged
And assumed to be our very own only suffered
Reason and little intellect made this denied
Dare not invite anyone to your hell, in theirs be feared

Thus a new realization for all openly held
Order is, only a as strength perceived

Endearing the pillars where our safety held
Securing the wellbeing that is always for granted, take
Caring for the tormented for they could have failed
At life's beauty and meaning so easily grasped
Perpetually by a thin string, ther life held
Ending of which, you could not be affected
@10000 OTHERS what I am doing is a charity. It is not like I defeated the disease. My logs can help others if not me.

But you! Pray this thing doesn't come anywhere near you, your family or friends.
Have been hell and back,
I used the same pain to heal
So sio Ati nakucheka or encouraging you to any suicidal tendencies
All will be fine mbrasa
Ask @Nostradumbass or @byro
Life is pain
And I learned not to focus on things that I can't change......
Raundi Hii na go na free gear Sina wass