Rain Rain go away

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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
An early morning downpour has left Mombasa totally flooded na huu ndio mwanzo wa ngoma.
Expect to see more of this images everyday as the drainage system is non existent.
Nani ako na submarine aniuzie?
@Supu don mvua ilikupata wapi?

10917258_948457725205788_3018401774805474841_n.jpg 11084296_10205409314486654_8709526583257220538_n.jpg 644448_1452571718367164_5024238797889657964_n.jpg 1509881_470873566399594_6658377367076141522_n.jpg 10882117_470873493066268_8285177315037669345_n.jpg 11002644_470873596399591_2637193735613288689_n.jpg 11048694_1452571791700490_640755248289876974_n.jpg 11071516_470873746399576_2210210602813457712_n.jpg 11081353_1452571761700493_4672269172644405529_n.jpg 11081270_470873526399598_7034070742087320167_n.jpg
Come to think of it. Does the fact that Africans missed the vagaries of the industrial revolution explain why we have so many problems as compared to other races? The rains are not a random occurrence; they may delay but sure enough they will come. What baffles is why the County Govt would wait for the rains to come then issue statements. Why not just be proactive and put in place drainage systems.
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