Reality slowly sinks in.


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It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Though USA can hurt China more since it imports more from them, the US, being a democracy, is far more sensitive to china's retaliation even if its on a smaller scale


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unlike US, China does not hold elections and their leaders answer to no one. they can wait this out for the next 100 years if that is what it takes. trump amecheza na wajinga

Trump can snap China in half within 3 seconds.

1, 2... 3.

3 seconds. We have already seen him toying around with ZTE and Huawei and hobbling them.

The grand play is to divorce China like I said in another thread.

It's going to be tough looking for another place to dump $540 billion worth of exports.


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Hii website yako inabore lakini. Handle mingi ni kama zako. Kazi ni matusi za utoto yet you don't bring any interesting threads. Unataka tu watu washinde wakidiscuss Ruto.

Wanderi alikuwa expert in kasheshe. :D
Msito huko Trumpistan hauwezi tafuta form mbana. Hata kama ni laptop Mzee tuanze kuwa tunaship halafu tunauzia nyeuthi.