Riwe riwaro

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Interdicting an OCS just because he took a selfie with Dennis Itumbi ( A full director in the presidents communication department) is not only taking this country back to the dark KANU days,but also political harassment of those believed to support the William Ruto. Remember we did not hear of an OCS being interdicted when BABU owino was pictured taking liquor in a police station
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Village Sponsor
Hangover Saturday

There are two camps campaigning for DP Uncle Ruto.

Tanga Tanga Movement
Kitaeleweka by their very poor strategy which I pray continues.

Kitu inauma kibicho is who made that recording If everyone was supposed to leave their phones at the desk before sitting for the "central development secret meeting".


Village Elder
Why is he soo angry with the central Mps showing support for Ruto? Why use Kibicho to frustrate Ruto if he has no vested interests in politics? What's the real agenda behind all this? He may not be interested in the top seat but clearly he has a hidden agenda.
Family business needs protections Kizee ,unfortunately most people can now read between the lines