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For the not so many years I have been on the road I have realised there are two kinds of drivers who can instantly mess your journey.
Women drivers and the Hindu guys.
They always take things personal.


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so true.women drivers just have issues.
People i always try to avoid and give way just not to spoil my day
1.Government cars/Ambulance
2.Boda boda guys
3.Matatu (especially those big paradiso maafakas)
4.Women drivers
Women drivers piss me off most don't knw when to use full lights or my Siz anajua 6 ikifika ni kuwasha mataa na kusonga.full light mpaka kwa nyumba
Sioni mtu ametaja probox drivers. One of them nearly ran me off the road on the Eastern bypass this afternoon. Stupid cunts!
I always advice ppl ukiona mtu ako na haraka kwa barabara just let him u knw hizo probox (za miraa) usually kill an average of 10-15ppl along embu Mwea highway every month. Not forgetting those who become permanently disabled


jana Dohni niliona Lorry ya takataka imegonga Stretch Limo ambayo ilibeba bride at the entrance of Pefa church. it almost ruined her day thank goodness no one was hurt. alibebwa na some gent to the church
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