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Village Elder
So a male friend invites me for his uthoni via a text. I'm just wondering...isn't dowry a men's affair? I mean we are not related and I don't even know the girl. So ananiita nikafanye nini? WTF!

Is it normal for men to invite their female friends to their dowry ceremony?
Mi kwanza hii ujinga ya ruracio sipendi. It's like telling your friends to help you "purchase" a wife. Then unajam beshte yako akiomba bibi yako slices. He actually has "shares" in that marriage. Personally I invest only where am guaranteed a return.
Hapo umenoa. Hio chakuka utakula na soda lazima ulipie! Hana haja na pesa zako


Village Elder
Si umpe excuse huwezi make. It is better uambiwe instead of being left out - maybe in other events - then unacomplain ati haukuambiwa. I suggest if you have time, pass by. Your appearance may go a long way. Just imagine kwa ceremony MC anasema ati friends wa Lola wasimame, then few-to-none wanasimama.....
I try as it is humanly possible to attend events I'm invited to.........kuna zingine nimejipata as the only friend who attended - and it meant a lot.