Secrets and @georgina


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Today i decided to see what happens hapa. After every 2 comments, kuna matusi directed at @GeorginaMakena . I have to give it up for this lady. I dont like her and dont read her thread. ( comments are more interesting than the thread itself). But she is persistent and driven! Most villagers in this village would have changed their handle. Keep it up! That's a rare quality. But still I will not read your threads.


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You might have a super car, be one of the best drivers but as long as you are going nowhere, however fast you drive or however far you want to go, you'll still be going nowhere. So some wars can be avoided, energy can be spared, time can be saved, if at all we know , what battles to lose.
pewa mbili kwa bill yangu Boss. You nailed it.
Mumezoea wale wanajua tuu kugeuka. This lady is not for turning. Those who say am bitter, ask yourself if am the bitter one why 3/4 of the tym its always you insulting me not the other way round. You're just not used to people let alone women who stand their ground and don't cede it no matter the level of intimidation. Mumezoea followers and sheeple who follow the crowd not leaders. So munashindwa can this be a woman? Ama its cotedeivoire,ama its grace musalame,ama its Malaika Firth, ama it is Sijui who coz hamunanga musimamo u always change handles kikiumana but y shud I change handles n my opinion will remain the same. Its a virtue to be principled and stand your ground ! Pls you can all learn something from me!