Sir Njonjo: secret to long life


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my grandfather survived on honey, fish,traditional bread, vegetables despite of the hard times back, and on top of all this, he was rocking as a young man and he never ate canned foods.


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#17 these are the same people who started this shit of divorce raping their men.?
They just leveled playing ground kidogo. For men to understand what it's like to be a woman where you can't run away from your responsibilities because you woke up one morning and you decided that hutaki machukumu so you just walk out,you know bcz that's what people who hold penises are entitled to, getting away with murder. You are kind of a misogynaire, you can't insult another man without calling them a woman. But I digress. The woman who will raise your kids needs your house more than you. She's the custodial parent bcz you don't want your kids to ruin your freedom as a new divorcee on the market. You want it to be just like old times. No responsibilities but what about the poor woman saddled with all the responsibilities not to mention the stigma of being a single mother.