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SCIENTIST AND PROFESSOR Prof Olembo is a renowned scientist credited with introducing Intellectual Property Rights thinking in Kenya, Prof Olembo has been honoured with two presidential awards in acknowledgement of excellence in science: The Order of the Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS), The Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (OGW).
The world-renown research scientist, Prof Norah Olembo was a student of Butere Girls High School.
Huyu ni neighbor kule kwetu ingo. Her husband was a Deputy Executive Director at UNEP but passed on sometime back.


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Dr Julia Auma Ojiambo was born on 29th November 1936. Those who were born yesterday need to read on Dr Julia Ojiambo and be inspired. She is a woman of many firsts and I cannot do her justice in this post.
1. 1st Kenyan woman to be admitted to Harvard University
2. 1st Kenyan woman to be awarded a Doctorate from UON
3. 1st African woman to be appointed a lecturer at UON
4. 1st Female MP in elected post in Western Kenya & 2nd in Kenya. She was elected MP for Funyula in 1974.
5. 1st Kenyan woman to be appointed Asst Minister in Independent Kenya.

She said in an interview:- “Women have done a lot. Before independence, we were there in numbers but lacked the voice. Nobody would allow us to go in front of a chief’s baraza and talk. But through education and the Constitution, this all changed and we have greatly been empowered,".
She used to bring me goodies whenever she visited for advice from my grandpa about whatever politics...