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They finally met

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There is a guy in Thika who found himself there. He acquired an NZE when they were sexy but was very vague about how he sourced it or the cost. Hapo nikajijazia. Sure enough one good day he came out of the club to find the dreaded flying squad parked next to him with a car with similar plates just waiting. He lost the vehicle, cooled his heels as a govt guest and parted with quite a tidy sum for the story to go away.


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isnt that unfair to the genuine, owner of the car....they should impound and retain the fake one only, the legal one should be set free
I think its procedural. Both parties are asked to produce the papers which will then be checked against the database, kina engine and chassis numbers. This is where even interpol comes In. Then whoever is genuine is let go, as they "discuss" with the other fella....