This is Guka - Most Awesome Youtube Channel Ever for Relaxing


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@Abba at times you do surprise me. How you go inform @FieldMarshal CouchP of anything in the channel and the old man is the one who is recommending it. It would pass that he had seen almost everything there is to see in the said channel...
wacha kelele . i could catch something that mzee didn't see and tell him how its applicable to our current situation
This is refreshing, better than the endless Lanye threads.
For the life of me, I have never, ever understood today's youth fascination with prostitutes. Especially those dirty downtown 200bob diseased hoes who collectively use one dirty bed over and over and over again to service everything from a chokora to a manamba to a HIV-infested Bukusu cashier. I just don't get it sir.

And while at it, I don't get how young African adults go into the web to scan for pictures of women they don't know eti 'osha macho' when there are endless porn channels to chose from. Calling it retarded is putting it mildly.......................

Which is why I appreciate the likes of @Atheismo, @captain obvious (at this rate am gonna marry you son!) and even @Bingwa. Wacky, twisted, original and yes, funny.


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@Nefertities (hi sweetie, love you to bits babygal. Let bygones be bygones)
@Meria Mata
@captain obvious

et al

When you want to relax after a stressful day, just gugu 'Youtube, primitive technology' and watch a crazy Aussie do some good stuff our ancestors used to do. Good thing, HE DOESN'T SAY A WORD and all his clips are short (8 minutes). Dude's got nearly 9m subscribers!

Don't watch imitators first.
asande omwami umesaidia mzee mwenzako...


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Not my favorite but you can check Indigo Traveller the NZ guy used to mostly travel to India and asia in general and he came across as a travel critic. Then he came to Kenya I think last month and he has been stuck here forever. His whole perception changed