UEFA Champions league: Predictions and KTalk Fantasy league


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Monaco/Porto 1&GG @4.00 (that's the best accumulator)
Dortmund/Madrid GG+2.5 @1.48
Sevilla/Maribor FT1+1.5 @1.24 (there's a combo on betin 1+NG+1.5 @1.88 na si mbaya)
ManCity/Shaktar 1.5HT @1.88
Napoli/Feyernoord 1.5HT @1.88(Feyernoord iliniwaste weekend)

Thats the safest high risk bet I can give. Go hard or go home.

Safe bets ni FT1 for ManCity, Sevilla and Napoli


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Dortmund and Real is going to be an interesting match my prediction 2:2
Going by the U19 game, naona Dortmund will not lose but mabao kadhaa..
Dortmund - 41 game winning streak at home
Real - 15 straight away wins

Your guess is as good as mine. Plus hiyo loss to Betis at home na a narrow 2:1 win against sijui who last week, bruised egos. Wanaeza come na fujo.

Centi mbili zangu

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Yes Madrid and Dortmund is interesting but if both teams are on their best game, there is no way Dortmund can beat Madrid. However, Dortmund at home, with the yellow wall ni noma
True. Also, have you noticed Tottenham has no Dele Alli, Wanyama, Eriksen and Dembele? The odds for Tott to win y 2 goals is 1.72. A bit high.

I can't read that game. Nicosia are good at the back.


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hapa sijui mbona naona kama bookies wanatuchezea. utashangaa kuona atleast 3 big teams ztalose

am trying to combine quotes and replies znakataa donno what is happening

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!