What could be a possible cause for this? Dagitare saidia?

For the past few days, I've been feeling so weak and fatigued all the time. Sometimes my hands are unable to perform simple tasks such as writing, washing... Holding a pen on a piece of paper, I'll get exhausted and within, say, 2 minutes I'll need to take a break.
On long ques I can't stand for long.. I'm not doing any strenuous job. What's the problem?
Moreover, at night I am accustomed to be in heavy clothing, lest I should shiver inside the house. When I shake hands with people, they are always shocked at how cold my palms feel.
But except for only that, I'm in pretty good health. Appetite is slightly normal. Weight stands at 54.2kgs as for today, an improvement of 300 grams compared to last month's value. But about body weight, not a big issue cause for sometime now, the value has been oscillating about 54.5Kgs, and has never exceeded 56.4.
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Low thyroid function
Heart failure
An autoimmune -itis, lupus or another rheumatologic disease?
Diabetes-type 1 or 2