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Rastafarian dad sues school for refusing to admit dreadlocked daughter at olympic high school kibra
A family in Kibera want the Ministry of Education to intervene after their daughter was kicked out of school because of her Rastafari faith.

The parents of the Form One student are accusing Olympic High School of not warning them in advance that they do not admit Rastafarians.

Speaking to KTN, the girl narrated how the deputy principal summoned her over the lunch hour period and asked her to choose to cut her hair or leave the school.

“I was called by the deputy principal over lunch hour where she ordered I remove my headscarf stating that only Muslims are allowed to cover their hair.

Her family are of the Rastafarian faith and are now at crossroads.


According to the family, the girl attended several classes on Thursday, but on Friday the school’s deputy principal reportedly spotted her with her lengthy dreadlocks and ordered her to choose between school and her hair.

The girl’s mother stated that when filling the admission forms they indicated that the girl was of the Rastafarian faith.

The girl’s father added that being a Kenyan citizen, he is entitled to access services offered by the government and his faith should not deny his children the right to education and healthcare.

Her family accuses the school of discriminating against Rastafarians and want the Ministry of Education to intervene in the case.

Eti sasa mnatetea 'dini' ya kuvuta bhangi which believes Haile Sellassie is a god? Look, this Western approach that individual rights supercede community rights is what is taking the West down very fast. Hata kuzaa hawazai because the woman as an individual has been elevated into a god.

This gal is part of a community of hundreds of other gals. HUNDREDS. If she can't fit in the school she should ship out, period.

Otherwise kesho kuna mwingine atakuja kusema hawavai uniform, mwingine eti they don't wear shoes, mwingine eti hawaendi hospitali. Where will it end?


Village Elder
One Stone
Hold not Thy peace, oh God of my salvation
Because the mouth of the wicked and the deceitful is open
Come with I...
Rastaman throw one stone
And it bring a bad feeling to all wicked men
Natty man throw one stone
And it bring a bad feeling to all wicked men

If Rasta make a progressive move
Wicked men a red-eye (eh-eh)
All they want to see the days when they can send out Rasta
Can't send I out, I send out Babylon
Binghiman throw…

Let the girl go to school oh wicked Babylonians.
Some parents are just downright silly. Teaching a teen to disrespect rules? Let's see where that's gonna get the little twat..............................
Garbage. You know very well what these local rules were designed for. And why call her a twat yet hakuna makosa mtoto wa wenyewe amekufanyia wala hata shule hajazua? Is it a bad /emotional Monday for you?