Today I boarded a mat and sat at the back seat btwn 2 young ladies! Both were very scantily dressed their thighs were out, so I felt like pulling up ankle length skirt to show them that Ive got better thighs but I keep them under wraps. Ive lived in Rift Valley and Coast and Ive traveled to every part of Kenya except North Eastern so I can say without fear of contradiction that Nairobi is worst in indecent dressing. My question is why do women dress this way,to seduce men,keep men,attract attention,follow fashion trends. Whats the motive. The other issue is the clothes in the market are also very indecent. Ive been to shop and cant find an outfit thats not low cut or too short. If I buy an outfit I have to adjust it so its decent. Is it men demanding their women to dress indecently or what? Why do parents allow kids to wear revealing clothes. Pple say girls change after leaving the house but Ive seen family functions where parents who are committed Christians have their daughters very indecently dressed. I remember wen I grew up if I bought indecent clothes like fitting jeans and don't cover my behind with a long top Id get a tongue lashing so bad that Id not have the nerve to repeat it. At work I see married women showing cleavage, short skirts, tight trousers that leave nothing to the imagination. Yet they left home with their husbands. So men why would you allow your wife to leave home half naked. Why? Whose fault is this? The fathers,husbands, boyfriends? I remember my college bf compelling me to go back to dorm to change wen Id wear a sheer top. Why arent the male authority figures in this ladies lives providing leadership in this area. Women why do.wear this indecent clothes is it peer pressure? Fashion forwardness? I don't understand why a woman would objectify themselves like this yet expect to be taken seriously and respected especially by their male counterparts when their body parts hang out for all to ogle.


Village Elder
The worst are the ones wearing those semi transparent leggings where you can clearly see what she is wearing under.

I have three women in my house, my wife and my two daughters, they clearly know the dress code. Nobody has ever attempted to put on something funny. I pray and hope my girls don't change.
Na kisokworovinywo huvaa aje? Me I like moderate. Someone got to show what their mama gave them, kidogo tu.


Village Elder
I always like to see a woman with FITTING clothings not these tight clothings...something to leave room for imagination and to arouse my interest. Not to show me ya camel toe unless you are in a gym.
A woman with a knee length skirt with a "creative" slit to "tease" me will always win in my heart.
Ikifika pande ya nyondos napenda kuziona kapsaa ,hizo asifunike saana